ACCA Business Navigators - Steering your business to profit


ACCA Business Navigators

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants provides a register of those accountants with experience and skills to be registered as a Business Navigator.

Navigation can involve simply going into a business to identify keys areas that are generating profits or losses, to more in depth work identifying where there is potential for improvements, recommending the actions is required to achieve this potential, and even implementing the action plan.

There are also a number of businesses that have no formal written plans and this is an area where we can assist in formulation of a plan, and indeed implementation.

Our range of businesses provides a unique wealth of exposure to the entire business world whether this means a service industry specialising in cleaning and support services, to events companies operating worldwide, to going into a manufacturing company and reviewing their systems and processes.

We operate with a large resource of skills and can call upon our contacts and colleagues working overseas to provide language and local exposure which include Europe, USA, the Gulf and Far East.

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