Auto Enrolment? No Problem!

Since April 2012, all UK employers are legally obliged to automatically enrol all eligible workers into a qualifying pension scheme by a deadline – called a Staging Date.  The responsibility does not end there.

The employer must:

  1. communicate with each worker to ensure they are aware of their rights
  2. create and maintain detailed records of:
    •  correspondence with workers
    •  workforce assessments
    •  joiners and leavers
    •  pension payments
  3. Set up and maintain a qualifying pension scheme
  4. Ensure both employer and employee contributions are paid into the scheme and keep detailed records

Some duties apply to all employers, even if your staff aren’t eligible to be automatically enrolled into a scheme.

We are used to working with payroll, pensions, RTI and compliance.  We have the systems needed to support the implementation and maintenance of Auto Enrolment requirements.

We can do this as a standalone service, or as an add-on to our Payroll Service.  Help is available for business and family employers.

If you need assistance, contact us via our contact form or call 01582 761121 to arrange for a face to face meeting where we can discuss your needs and provide a package just for you.