Trusts Planning – Estates Planning

Trusts Planning – Estates Planning – Probate and Wills


Protecting one’s wealth can take many forms, both in lifetime and on death.  In order to achieve this, it is essential that each person has made a Last Will and Testament to reflect their wishes.

One should not only make a Will but also consider the wider aspects of taxation and the integration of their wishes.

We provide Trust services in creation and administration of Trusts – Bare, Accumulation and Maintenance, Discretionary, and Interest in Possession, as well as the provision of trustees.

We have a number of clients where we deal with Trusts, including industrial estates and share portfolio etc. and where we also act as one of the Trustees.

Due to constantly changing legislation, updating of trust structures is essential.  It also important to reflect and review the change in circumstances that may occur.

Accounts prepared for Jersey tax exempt companies.

Beacon Wills and Probate Limited can help with will writing and/or service on the death of clients and loved ones – providing assistance in obtaining probate and resolving estates and distribution.   Link to web pending.

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