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Experiences so far while studying AAT as an apprentice – a point of view

22 March, 2024

Stepping into the world of accounting as an apprentice, and facing my first two AAT Level 2 exams felt like diving into the deep end. However, I was determined to put the thought of nerves behind me and pass as soon as possible.

Completing the exams on the apprenticeship route is slightly different as it involves completing other ad-hoc tasks alongside completing the exam itself. These include a learning journal, which involves noting your day-to-day working tasks and explaining how it has benefitted your job. These are then marked against different Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours set by the learning provider which are all directly relevant to accountancy.

In terms of the learning itself, I have found the tutors I have come across as very helpful and informative, and their teaching skills are great. The build-up to the exam itself can be quite stressful. The main coping mechanisms for me are to complete mock exams and also to focus on key areas which are of more of a struggle. This point was evident as the first attempt of my second exam was a fail and the main reason being was that one of the questions which was worth 12 marks, I got wrong. This then involved a thorough piece of revision on this topic which then enabled me to pull through the second time around and come out with a merit.

I have two more exams to complete followed by an interview and an end point assessment which will then sign me off. This should be around the end of the year of 2024.