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Are you an entrepreneur with a complex problem? Part One

25 July, 2022

Entrepreneurs are far from an exclusive group to face problems, but in our experience, there is something about the entrepreneur journey that does seem to produce more complex challenges, more often.

Perhaps we need to start with some definitions here, what do we mean by entrepreneurs and problems and challenges?

An entrepreneur in our way of thinking is anyone who is responsible for a business, including in some cases multiple businesses, for managing property or who is striving to grow and develop a company. Maybe it is just easier to say, if you are not receiving a pay check from an employer (who is not you) then you are probably an entrepreneur.

Challenges means facing up and having to deal with the inevitable cascading series of decisions around such things as growth, development, recruitment, managing customers, managing suppliers, meeting rules and regulations, selling, marketing, looking after your team, and so on. Many of these are routine challenges, ones you will face week in week out, others may come along at moments in time.

Problems are when a challenge becomes business critical, possibly threatening the very viability of the business. This could be a supplier going out of business, a customer not paying you, receiving notification of a court action, an unexpected tax bill, making an error in your VAT return, the bank withdrawing funding, a team member leaving or a business partner causing you anguish. Or it could be personal such as suffering ill-health or suddenly having to deal with a separation.

Our business is here to help you because we have seen many entrepreneurial problems arise over
the years within many businesses and have learned how they can get dealt with. And, in many cases, we can support the solution in practical ways.

So, as an example, it is probably self-evident that if you have a financial or tax problem, that is up our street, and we will know precisely how to help. However, we can often find answers or solutions in other areas as well, and one aspect of this is knowing who to turn to. Our network of clients and contacts may well mean we can quickly find the right people or person to present a solution.

Many problems are fixed through knowing where to turn and that is not always as obvious as it may sound, because it is not just locating someone who has the expertise, but also someone who has a
record or reputation for results.

That’s just problems, but what about “complex problems”? And what does that mean? We will
tackle that in the second part of this two-part blog.

If you need assistance, contact us via our contact form or call 01582 761121 to arrange for a face to face meeting where we can discuss your needs and provide a package just for you.