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Tax, Tax, Tax.

25 July, 2022

Organising your business and personal affairs to pay less tax is generally a good idea. And you can do this, because how you organise things makes a potential difference – maybe a big one – to your tax bills.

But as accountants we may push tax saving too hard, in this one respect – you are better off longterm making more money and paying more tax, than you are making less money and paying less tax. The attraction of a firm like ours that you may not have thought about, is that we have decades of experience dealing with business owners.

Experience, on its own narrow basis, has limited value. It just means we have been around for a long time doing what we do, without running out of customers or cash. That’s hardly grounds for a prize.

On the other hand, there is an aspect of experience that is very useful to you – we have dealt with many business owners and business situations, just about every possible scenario you might care to think of. We wouldn’t claim to have seen it all, but we have encountered a lot. This helps, because what this does is allow us to learn, through experience, what tends to work for businesses and their owners, and what doesn’t.

We have seen how businesses grow, noting what the common denominators are. We can lend this experience to you when you need ideas or advice about how to grow your business. In this regard, a great deal of what we do is provide business advice, because we use the knowledge of how others have grown their businesses and pass this to you, especially when it comes to the accountancy side of things.

All businesses will have some form of accounting need, regardless of size. Most businesses want to grow and develop profitability. Our experience allows us to contribute to both, to the accounting and to the growth needs.And that is a big advantage we can derive for your benefit from our long experience.

If you need assistance, contact us via our contact form or call 01582 761121 to arrange for a face to face meeting where we can discuss your needs and provide a package just for you.