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10 August, 2022

What is Help to Grow: Digital?

10 August, 2022

As businesses get back to some form of normality, Help to Grow: Digital is one of a number of government initiatives, along with the Help to Grow: Management Course, aimed at enabling small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to become more resilient and to take more advantage of digital technology.

Help to Grow started in January 2022 and offers you as a business leader free and impartial advice on how technology can help your company.

Eligible businesses are also able to take advantage of a discount of up to 50% on the costs of approved software, worth up to £5,000.

What is Help to Grow: Digital?

Help to Grow is an initiative that helps SMEs identify their digital technology needs, assess technology purchasing options and then implement new technologies in their operations.

The new service opened for applications in January 2022.

To encourage businesses to take up the latest software, those that meet the criteria can claim a financial discount covering up to 50% of the price of one approved technology package, up to a maximum of £5,000 (note, this doesn’t include VAT).

The Help to Grow: Digital financial discount can be used for approved software that helps businesses to:

Manage the finances digitally, using accounting software
Build customer relationships so they can boost sales, with customer relationship management (CRM) software
Sell products online, using e-commerce software.

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If you need assistance, contact us via our contact form or call 01582 761121 to arrange for a face to face meeting where we can discuss your needs and provide a package just for you.

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